Our colleagues and employees are extremely important to us and we hope they will be happy during their time working for us and see their job as an exceptional opportunity. As a result, we continuously provide our employees with preparatory and refresher training related to the necessary technologies, in order to be able to perform their tasks confidently, accurately and professionally.

Our professional training can be split into two main areas, covering the knowledge essential for all diagnostic procedures or device management, and the professional application of the applied technologies.

Our primary training is related to surveys and endoscopic camera examinations associated with our lining and cleaning tasks.


Training and courses include techniques for testing rainwater and wastewater systems and other surveys, as well as knowledge of the type-specific instruments of our Ridgid cameras (e.g. beacons). Our goal is to continuously expand and keep our technical tools up to date so that we can serve our partners with the best possible quality.

The secondary training area is linked to the professional training implemented with our Danish partner company. Our professional training at DANCUTTER A / S in Viborg, Denmark, fully covers the comprehensive and professional knowledge required to apply the technology related to the “Repipe Lining” system we own. At the end of each financed training, colleagues who successfully pass the exam, obtain an official, registered license which ensures accurate, efficient and standard execution of the tasks performed by our company for our customers.

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